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Grow with strong mind and spirit!
Children spend 80% of their time outside of school without the structure required to effectively teach character. Due to heavy exposure to violence on TV, Internet, and video games, over 90% of parents are seeking after-school activities that promote physical and especially mental growth and development for their children.
Therefore, Park’s Martial Arts will provide education and entertainment to develop and improve children’s character and personal conduct through martial arts training.
Classes are divided by age and skill to provide the best possible match of teaching style to student needs. All children are taught at their own pace to develop their present capabilities and bring out their maximum potential.
Develop self-confidence and an “I can do it” attitude
Improve self-discipline for better behavior at home
Improve strength, Coordination, and athletic abilities
Sharpen listening skills for improved grades
Have tons of fun in classes and special events like training camps, tournaments, and demonstrations.
Testimony Park's Martial Arts


Our parents testify their children with us!

I highly recommend PMA! My two children attended the aftercare program for several years. Through lessons and activities they not only accomplished becoming 1st degree black belts, but just as importantly acquired awareness of self-control, respect, integrity, etc.

Mr./Mrs. Milledge

Parks has helped tremendously with our very active son. Helping him to learn to concentrate better, be more respectful and improve his overall behavior. 

Mr. & Mrs. Hart

“Two of our children have benefitted tremendously from Park’s! It’s a wonderful place where children learn valuable skills in a supportive, caring and structured environment. The instructors take the time to know our children and show them that they truly care about them. Our kids love it, and we’d definitely recommend it to other parents!”

Shannon (Aidan and Dexy’s Mom)

My son has gained confidence and discipline through the Little Tiger Program. He’s excited for every class! The teacher is awesome at adapting to all the different personalities of the kids. The assistant instructors and staff do a great job also. 5/5!

Randy Hoffman

Our children have been attending PMA for years, through the after-school program to summer camp and Gumdo. They have taught our children confidence and reinforce respect by being examples. The facility is clean and I always know my children are safe. The summer camp is one of the best we’ve seen, they keep them engaged and not just sitting around inside all day. They have exceeded our expectations- we always recommend them for people looking for childcare and always will.

Jolene and James Piper

Parks Martial Arts is wonderful! They truly care about the kids and you can see and feel that in all of their interactions.  We love to see grandmaster playing with the children, and Master Parks is wonderful with teaching, supporting, and individually helping each child succeed.  They have helped to instill self confidence in our kids and have helped with building coordination skills.  All of our children will be going through Parks, we Love them!

The Emerson Family 🙂

“Parks Martial Arts has turned my shy, self-conscious son into an outgoing, confident boy! He’s learned so much self-discipline and respect. Master Parks and Grand Master Parks are wonderful with their students and you can see the respect the students give to them”

Toni Smith

I watched my son grow from a shy, unsure kid to a strong, confident leader and instructor. The greatest testimonies come from the other parents who can attest to Jared's growth and his positive influence on their children. Under Grandmaster and Master Parks' watchful guidance, Jared has become a true apprentice. He is dedicated to Parks and they are dedicated to him. We are just as proud to be a part of Parks Martial Arts!

Carla Daniels

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